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Download RIS citations TY - BOOK TI - The pests of the farm; being an account of the various depredating animals, birds, and insects which annoy the American farmer. Saxton, CY - New York, PY - 1852 AU - Richardson, H. To prevent future nesting NWC can install exclusion netting and other preventative measures to deter future nesting Residential geese are becoming an alarming pest in Minnesota.With each goose producing up to 3 pounds of poop a day, they can destroy a recreational area in a few days.

ACTION: Final rule and notice of record of decision. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service or we) completed a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on double-crested cormorant management.

We use two control techniques with Canada Geese, non-lethal and lethal. Any lethal control needs a federal depredation permit.

With a Non-lethal program we will use a variety of deterrents; this will include the use of noise deterrents, visual deterrents, chemical deterrents and physical barriers.

SUMMARY: Increasing populations of the double-crested cormorant have caused biological and socioeconomic resource conflicts. In March 2003, a proposed rule was published to establish regulations to implement the DEIS proposed action, Alternative D.

In August 2003, the notice of availability for a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was published, followed by a 30-day comment period.

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