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The officer first talks to the white woman, who accuses Cooks of acting “all crazy.”“I don’t see a crime that has been committed,” the officer admits after examining the woman’s car.After promising the woman a police report, the officer heads over to talk to Cooks.I felt the pressure on my stomach from falling and I was calling for help. But who is supposed to help me when they are attacking me?

”In a separate settlement with ACLU So Cal, the City of Barstow agreed to provide training to its officers after two brothers were arrested for refusing to provide identification.

She continues to mill around her stall, apparently untroubled by what has become an Internet obsession.

On Friday, nearly 200,000 people were still watching her online.

[‘The world waits on edge’ as April the pregnant giraffe becomes live-stream sensation] Once in full labor, April could deliver in an hour or less, Patch said.

When the giraffe is ready to give birth, she will do so standing in her stall.

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Charges against the brothers were dropped and the city agreed to pay $30,000 in damages.

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