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Nia and Soulja or "Dre" as Nia calls him, are over now. After our last breakup, I ended up in another relationship and I had a baby.

Nia and her ex-boyfriend Soulja, Source: Bustle Nia said, Dre and I were teenagers when we first met and when he hit it really big, he started living that life. However, the identity of the father of Nia's daughter, Kamryn, is still a mystery.

"Nia hasn't been known to date anyone seriously following her messy breakup with rapper Soulja Boy.

The most recent relationship for Fizz was when he dated his co-star, Nikki Mudarris.

Cory: You seem like you don't wanna be here You: it's just, I don't know you.

Well, Nia is now a mother to an adorable daughter, however, the name of the father is still a mystery.

The photo showed Nia smoking a hookah while Fizz stood close to Nia almost kissing her.

[ 💌 Note from the Author; INCASE you are unaware who Cory Wharton is, he is the guy from Real World Explosion. - Bet you said that to every woman in here and what? Me- Look, I didn't come here to meet no woman.

It appears that "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" Season 4 just got a little juicier!

Moniece Slaughter has just confirmed that her BFF Nia Riley is dating her baby-daddy, Lil Fizz.

In the last season of the series, Moniece asked Fizz for a donation so that she can have another child.

While she was not interested in a relationship with him, Moniece is not interested in having a child with another man. I’m officially off the market.” Soulja Boy had a heated break-up with his on-and-off ex-girlfriend Nia Riley.

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