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Hall doesn't seem to have anything really going for him.

In the video I link to below, he shows a military ID card, but it is marked "Guard." I take that to mean that it was the ID issued to him at basic training when he enlisted in the National Guard.

(Continued below) That type of thing is why frauds tend to be more violent than you would think when their world comes crashing around their ears and they are about to be exposed to the world.

Con men lie about things, but they don't build up their entire self-image and social life around the lie.

Hall is far from the only fake ninja that has molested or tried to molest underage girls. When you base your life on a lie, the foundation for your sanity isn't too stable.If you bother to go through all 48 minutes of the video, you can see him make various silly claims that a reasonable adult would find pretty damn silly. At the start of the video his "Bujinkan membership card" is shown.It is not a membership card issued by Hatsumi in Japan.They often really could not handle a real woman and so tried to pick up our kids instead.So do you think that people that are so insecure in their manliness that they have to lie about being secret ninja teachers and army commandos are more likely to try to prey on young girls?

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