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]) was used to measure social functioning among study participants.

This 79-item questionnaire assesses six domains of social functioning: social engagement/withdrawal; interpersonal behavior/communication; participation in prosocial activities; participation in recreational activities; independence-competence; and independence-performance.

The success of these early intervention services has sparked significant health services reform worldwide, including the establishment of a national early intervention service network in the United Kingdom [].

A key factor contributing to this lag is the limited available data demonstrating the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of early intervention for psychosis among individuals served by the American mental health system ([]).

Second, we will review clinical and cost data among EPICENTER participants during the 6 months prior to joining EPICENTER as compared to during the first 6 months of EPICENTER care.

The purpose of this activity is to quantify the possible clinical and economic benefits associated with EPICENTER participation.

The distribution of psychotic disorder diagnoses is summarized in Fig.

An additional 149 were referred to the study but declined to participate in the eligibility assessment.

Written informed consent with regard to study participation was obtained from all adult subjects.

Despite advances in the treatment of these disorders, individuals with psychosis typically experience a course of illness characterized by repeated relapses of psychotic symptoms [].

Not surprisingly, the cost of care for psychotic disorders is astronomical.

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