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Could someone point me how I can update the label text for my scenario above ? My problem is that I have checkboxfor and label for each checkbox in my view and this is in a foreach loop.C# has nice Invoke() function on controls that let you call a member function in one thread but actually execute it in the thread that belongs to the control by using a delegate.This method works with most controls including Text Boxes.Only the contents of the Update Panel control will be updated. NET AJAX controls require specific settings in a web.config file in order to function correctly.If you try to work with one of these controls, and your website doesn't contain the required web.config file, errors appear in the This walkthrough introduced the basic concepts of using a Timer control and an Update Panel control to enable partial-page updates.I have automatic page refresh every 5 seconds or so to change the label data, but the check box checked status keeps getting changed for every auto refresh of the page.My thinking was to update only the labels and not the checkboxes.

This is because the button event occurs in the UI thread and, as this is the thread that paints the controls, obviously the control was not getting a chance to redraw itself.

Below is the C code where it calls qml function to let know about it's status.

@ void Ui Handler::update Status(QVariant msg) @ Now, when i tried to change the text of my label (ui_label_status) inside the function Status Update it has no effect.

This is useful when you have two instances of the same character and wish to decorate the second instance.

I have an application where when after finish executing a function in C , i need to update the a label in QML with C function status.

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