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Unzip/rar the file and just dump it all on the micro SD card.

Remove the card from your computer, insert it into the Flash Card and fire it up to see if it works.

In the US, you'd be lucky if you found them in any stores, companies like Gamestop and others wouldn't want to be seen selling objects that can do something illegal, it could get them into strife. S.: Yes, as long as you are using them for homebrew only, they are legal. Can I run commerical roms, such as ones you buy in the store? But I, in no way endorse that act and cannot be held responsible for any wrong doings your par-take in. They also have a forum if you would like to ask more questions. To run Homebrew, you need either: -Slot 1 Flash Card (Image 1) -OR -Slot 2 Flash Cart and a Pass Key.

Go to a store and ask for them and they'll tell you they're illegal. They are completely 100% legal but you can usually only get them off the internet. I will not respond to any messages or comments regarding commercial roms, or where to download roms. (Image 2 & 3 )I, and many others recommend Slot 1 Flash Cards because of their compatibility rate.

If it works, power down an insert back into the computer.

Initially, developers had to program for specific Flash Cards, but after the invention of DLDI, developers program for one and you can DLDI patch it for almost any card.

Occasionally I get questions like this:"Hello there, I just read your instructable on "How to run Homebrew on your Nintendo DS!

So if I were you, just buy her a Nintendo DS Lite, because those have full R4 support. i just ordered my r4i gold rts card for my new 3ds xl from everything works fine, but i'm wondering if i need to buy an ezflash 3in1 to run the gba games. Unless you own the game yourself, then you dump the ROM yourself from the Game Card (a very difficult process), then it is not legal. Using one goes against Nintendo's usage policy, but purchasing and using one is perfectly legal.So homebrew you need to patch with DLDI, which is easily done with Chism's DLDI Patcher (Dynamically Linked Device Interface).You need to download the patcher here (I recommend Win32 GUI for Windows users) and the suitable patch for your card here.I have bought four products on two different occasions from they are very very reliable. If you repeatedly do this, I will email the Instructables Staff. Most Flash Card/Cart runs off Removable Storage such as micro or mini SD (Image 4), with the exclusion of the G6 which has built in memory. Slot 2 Flash Carts are GBA cartridges that have Removable Storage inputs, such as micro or mini SD (Image 3).Note: If you have an R4, M3 or other Slot 1 cards, the executable you want to run is But if you boot it from the main DS menu, it will boot as a GBA game. You can buy a Games'n'Music from Datel and some chains in America, but these are not great for Homebrew compatibility. I use an R4, pretty much identical to M3 DS Simply, however, it appears the companies are stopping production of these. They all seem to have pretty good rates (usually 99%-100%) for ROM Support and Homebrew Support. They seem to have competitive prices for Australia.

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